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Tips to Approach a Boy on this Valentine day 2019

Approach a Boy on this Valentine day

Is there a rule that a girl must wait for the guy to make the first move? Traditionally, it is always a guy who is always expected to give it a start. But I have some outlying thoughts in this matter. It doesn’t matter anyways to who should take the first step. It’s the approach that matter not to whom.

If you are a girl and you feel goosebumps thinking about that very guy, don’t just hesitate that you are a girl and that you’ll sound desperate. Feelings are to be expressed not to be kept hidden. All women go through this situation once in their lifetime, just make your instance a little different from the majority.


There is a secret about men, of which majority is unfamiliar. It’s that: A guy loves being dominant in certain cases. Same is the case in this situation, a guy loves girl being gracious and dominating him by approaching herself, so make the first move. Make sure you get his attention even before you confront him, eye contact and sweet smile will do that work for you. If you will show interest in him, you’ll get the same in return for sure.

Happy Valentines Day 2019


Confidence is the key success in every field, so why not here. Look confident as you are approaching him; make your ground dominant. Don’t let yourself go pale in the mid-way. Appear confident in front of him and he will surely be flattered by your move. If you are able to hit the right spot at this position, half the battle is won. If you find him flirting, then strike back the same, pay him compliments and butter up his ego.

First impression is the last impression. BEWARE: Don’t let your confidence look like arrogance, or else you’ll lose all your charm.

Happy Valentines Day 2019


You might come across a guy who is not much familiar or comfortable talking to girls. He might like you but is hesitating to talk. You must take the charge then, talk to him, make him comfortable and let go the conversation featherlike. Don’t be too fast, you might sound desperate or phony and you will end up with a reputation that you actually don’t deserve.


Be open and clear in your motives, talk to him candidly. Men are very straight creatures, they hate round about things. Be light and specific in your talks. Don’t be a chatterbox on the first meet. Be simple and mainly be youself. Spend casual time with him, take him out. This might give him a hint about your feelings for him. If you are giving him your ample time, he will surely be cajoled.

Happy Valentines Day 2019

In the end, don’t forget to copy down his contact info. A century without a win is considered useless.

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