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Tips How to Approach a Girl This Valentines Day 2019

Approaching a girl you like has always been a problematic situation. People get nervous or even get goosebumps even by a thought of approaching her. Your heart starts beating faster as it would run a 100 mile race in just few seconds. It has always been challenging when it comes to approaching an unknown girl. Approaching a girl is one of the most crucial things in a dating world.

All you want is to have a great impression on the first meet. Steal her attention, approach her and introduce yourself and you are victorious. Congratulations!

Now let us begin with ‘How to approach a girl you don’t know’, forget everything you have heard till now, I’ll demonstrate how easy it is to win over her heart. The most important thing before you approach and talk to a girl is that you must be clear with your mind; with what you are going to talk to her, don’t make a mistake of just approaching with a blank mind. This will surely make you nervous within few seconds of your talk. It has always been easy for the ones who are smooth with their words and who have a habit of manipulating or setting up ideas with a blow and are master at it.

Let us now begin…

Firstly, all you need is to let the girl know that you’ll be approaching her. Below are some ways by which you can warm her up with this thought.

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Arouse her curiosity by stealing glances; look at her again and again and just let her know that you are seeking her attention. If she’ll be interested she will surely catch your eye. Let her know that you are watching her. The eye contact has always been the effective tool of sexual attraction. Continue to look at her, again and again. Whenever your eyes meet just steal that look and drop your eyes. Keep doing the same, until you get a reaction from her. By reaction I mean that, she is reciprocating to your glances. And if you don’t get so, then this means that she is not interested in you and you need to drop the plan.

If you are able to seek that attention all you need to do is,


By the time you realise that she is responding to you, develop some courage, and flash a small smile let her notice your smile and please avoid a big titter, this might scare her away and all the good impression you have successfully reaped by now will fall into gutter directly. These small moves will let her know that you are deeply interested in you and that you want to approach her. By doing this you are giving her a warm-up of your feeling you have developed. If she replies to all your gestures, this will allow you to understand that she is interested in you too.

If the responses have been positive so far, all you have left is to approach her physically and start a conversation. The chemistry that you have developed so far needs some physics study now :P

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Wait for the right moment, a girl is an inexplicable creature. Now that she is interested in you, she’ll create a ground for you to approach her. She will create enough opportunities for you to stand up to her and talk. She could do this by moving away from her group by making some excuse and stealing your glance at the same time. This might be an indication for you to move now. By now you will understand all game setup so that you can approach her. It is always easy to talk to a girl when she is alone.

Now that you are ready, you can point her out somewhere you can be alone. She’ll be more comfortable with you without her friends. Don’t do the mistake of approaching her when she is with any of her family member. This might be very uncomfortable for her. She will surely give you hint of what next is to be done. Wait for that signal.

If the situation is different and that she is not able to free herself from her friends or family, there might be a situation that she’ll leave something for you. That might be a paper message with her name, number, or e-mail or Facebook id so that you can contact her later.


It’s now an unlike scenario; depending on a distinct individual, of how he communicates. Just be calm and confident with whatever you say, don’t get nervous at this point of time. This is the most important step; you win or you lose. Just remember to make her feel special; make her realise that how hard it has been for you to get to her.

If she is with any of her friend, walk up to the girls and keep staring at your girl, her friend may slip away or may start the conversation. Just introduce yourself and make her friend a part of your conversation, by this you’ll make her friend feel good too. Don’t just get lost in her friends talk; keep your focus to your girl. Now that the conversation is on its way you can buy her a drink, while she accepts the drink with a cute smile, and that’s what you were searching for, your cue.

If the place supports a dancing milieu, ask her for a dance. Avoid getting thrilled and bizarre with your dance, keep it soft. Her body gestures will allow you to understand all by now, she might want you to hold her hand while dancing, wait for the sign and give it a shot.

Keeps the conversation going and she’ll be yours with the moment.

Don’t forget to build the tension and mystery at the very first; you’ll always end up impressing her.

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