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Special Cute Messages For Rose Day for Valentines Day 2019

Rose day messages that you can sent to your girlfriend, boyfriend, etc:

Spread the word of love this rose day and get even closer to your loved ones.

The aroma of love is in the air, hearts are mingled in affectionate affairs. The season of love is upon us now, despair has vanished somehow. May your love be free of strife and this rose day fill colours in your life. Happy Rose Day.

Your smile is like dew drops on the petals; your blush makes my heart skip a beat. Your aura spreads an aroma even better than roses and your touch sparks life in me. You are mine and I really love you. Happy rose day.

Distance doesn’t matter much because our love can be felt even when we are miles apart. For the person who has breathed life into me. Avery happy rose day to you.

Sweeter than chocolate, lovelier than roses, prettier than butterflies, more fragile than petals and most special of all. Here’s wishing you a very happy rose day. I love you.

This is to tell you that you are the rose of my life. And my heart will stop beating the day this rose will wilt. Happy rose day my love.

A rose is a lot more than just being a means for proposing someone. It also means

  • R- rare
  • O- ones
  • S- supporting
  • E- entire life

@>-;—- this rose is the symbol of our friendship. No matter how much we may fight we will remain the truest of friends. Keep holding on to this friendship. Happy Rose Day.

Friends make life special, without them there would be no meaning to fun. Here is to all the fun times we have had together. May our friendship reign above all. Have a lovely rose day.

Happy Rose Day 2019

A person who plucks a rose likes roses, but a person who saves them from being plucked is the one who loves roses. Be the one to love roses and save them from being plucked. Have a happy rose day.

I am the happiest person in the world today because I have you in my life. I have nothing to worry about till you are next to me. Happy rose day.

This is to tell you that I can go to any end of this world till you are with me. Have a delightful rose day

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