It takes a lot of guts to come up to a girl and propose her. If you are expecting a proposal, it’s very good but don’t be impatient and hasty about it and you definitely don’t want to push the guy to do something he doesn’t want to do. Make sure you let it do him on his own pace because he is also nervous like normal people.

Everybody fears rejection and he might be in a dilemma. Whether it will be a yes or a no, this is what might be haunting him day and night. Give him time and encouragement and he will definitely come around. Following are the signs that to know that he is about to propose you.

He is beating around the bush – PROPOSE Day

Every time you are on a date and he has the opportunity to say but he doesn’t. He just keeps lingering to the word ‘I’ but never moves forward with it. There is this soppy look in his eyes mixed with passion for you. There is a question he wants to ask but changes it because of self-doubt. If this is what you have been encountering from a past few dinners and dates then be ready because he is about to propose you.

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Propose-Day 2019

He is being adorable

If you are noticing him watching you, checking you out, stealing glances of you and passing adorable smiles then be sure of it that he is about to propose you. A lot of admiration coming your way is always a positive sign. Play nice with him, thank him and even complement him back. This will make him feel more confident and he will be able to confide in you.

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He is getting comfortable around you

If he is taking you to meet his family and sharing all the deep secrets with you that he never shared then it is a very good sign. He is opening up the door of his life for you to enter. Men only do that when they are certain about a girl and know for sure that she is the one. You must encourage him and share your things with him too. It will make him feel sure about his course of action and you can be certain that he is about to propose you.

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He notices minute details

If he is being observing about the small things that you like even if it’s your favourite beverage, your favourite movie or even your favourite flowers then you can have your moment of absolute happiness because he is about to propose you for sure. Do show him gratefulness for all these sweet gestures and tell him often how much you love him.

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He likes together time

There will be gestures that will make you realise that he likes spending time with you. If he is all sport about meeting up and seeing you often or showing you a new romantic place then he is head over heels for you. Go out with him and express your feelings, spend some quality time together and relax, soon enough he is about to propose you.

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He is a planner

If he is all game about planning big day, birthdays and the day you met then you have found a diehard romantic and soon enough he is about to propose you. This will become more evident in a few more days. All you have to do is be a little patient and go along with him at his pace to make him feel more comfortable.

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