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Promise Day Messages, Promise Day SMS & Wishes 2019

It’s the season of love and the season of new beginnings. Let us not hesitate from telling our loved ones how much we care about them. Take the opportunity of this promise day to make a promise that you keep life-long. Here are some wonderful messages for promise day:

Always being truthful, caring without expectations and loving without conditions is my promise to you. My heart is forever yours, be mine always. Happy promise day.

I find myself to be a very lucky person to have a friend like you. You can count on me whatever the situation is. I promise to remain your friend for life long. Happy promise day.

Allegiances are pledged not friendship. Friendship is a promise made by a soul to another and is honoured with trust and life. Have a jovial promise day.

You are the sun of my life. Without you there is no light to my existence. Today I promise to cherish you and our relationship even more. Happy promise day my love.

People may call friendship a matter of chance but I believe that friendship and friends are a part of our destiny. I promise to keep this bond intact till my last breath leaves me. Happy promise day

Our love was a possibility a few years back. It is the reality and happiness of today and it is a promise of tomorrow that I will love you like this always and no one can separate us. Happy promise day.

Friendship is a silent promise made by the heart kept by the soul and cherished by the people. It can’t be withered by time or weakened by distance or erased by anger. It’s lovely to have a friend like you. So let us raise a toast to our friendship on this promise day.

If life is ever mean to you I’ll be there to question for you. If life gets confusing, I’ll be there to reason for you. If life becomes revolting, I’ll be there to fight for you. If life becomes painful, I’ll be there to be your medicine and if life becomes dark, I’ll be there to guide you to light. That’s my promise to you on this promise day.

I promise you that I’ll never give you a chance to regret anything about this relationship. Please be mine.

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