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Kissing benefits that you should know | Kiss Day 2019

Kissing is the most romantic part of a couple’s life. A passionate kiss not only shows care or love towards your partner but it also helps you in countless ways. After reading this post, you will no more find any excuses to kiss your partner. 

Kissing benefits that you should know:

Reduces Stress:

You come home after a long day of stress and you are totally exhausted. Blame the cortisol hormone (or the stress hormone) for your exhaustion. Kissing reduces the cortisol level, and thus help you relieve. It boosts our immune system thereby de-stressing us. So as soon as you return from work, have a long kiss. You’ll definitely feel better.

Burns calories:

This point doesn’t seem practical at once, but there is big biological reason behind it. Kissing burns a well amount of calories, the amount may not be as many calories as by running a jogger, but still the amount is enough that you can surely skip a day or two of your gymming sessions. It pumps up your metabolic activities about twice as per normal metabolism rate. So now you can skip your day or two without even a thought. But don’t forget to go through calorie-burning kissing session. This is one of the most important kissing benefits.

Enhances Facial Muscles:

Apart from burning calories, kissing also helps you doing a sufficient amount of workout with your face. It enhances your facial muscles by tightening them and helps you avoid wrinkles at a very small age. You can now even look good or can say charming by just kissing. This is another important kissing benefits.

Strengthen your bond:

Oxytocin is the hormone which is responsible to help you develop strong bonding with your partner. So again we have a biological reason behind this, when we kiss we secrete this hormone. Different kissing styles are responsible for strengthening of bonds, of which lip-locking is the most effective. To a conclusion, keep kissing and stay blessed.

Makes you cheerful and happy:

You will be shocked again to know one more biological reason behind your cheerful nature. When you kiss you excrete endophins and endorphins which are responsible for your happiness and cheerful nature. Kissing proves to be better medication for your depression. In-spite of visiting a psychiatrist or taking any pills for depression, go for a kissingtreatment.

Develops Immunity and reduces pain:

You will be shocked to know that your saliva is a key component in avoiding several diseases. It not only helps in developing a strong immunity but also helps you reduce pain. You can fight health issues when your kissing is followed sex. During your passionate kissing sessions, we secrete adrenalin which reduces hell a lot of pain or can say feeling of pain. Headaches can be better treated with physical intimacy. So avoid taking disprins or headache pills and go for a better kissing session.

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