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How to have the Best Kiss of your Life? On This Valentines Day 2019

How to Have the best kiss ever

Most people fail to understand that kissing is an art. It is not just an activity to give you sexual arousal and make yourself feel more wanton. It is a way of showing your emotion. A kiss can be poured will all the love your soul has to tell someone that you love them.

There might have been circumstances when you might have made a mess out of the situation while kissing someone. If you have felt embarrassed with your performance ever then don’t worry it’s a good sign. At least you know that you are not doing it the right way.

What most people fail to understand is that they don’t know the art of kissing as well as they think. The first step of learning begins by realising that you are doing something wrong. Well if you have had a hard time kissing the right way then we can help you out. Make each of your kiss the best kiss of your life; be it your first kiss of the ones after it. Make the other person swooning with your passion so that all they think after the kiss is about you.



Following are the tips you can use to have the best kiss ever:

  • Eye contact is a very essential part of kissing and can be a game changer in the process. It is very important to make eye contact before you kiss because that is what builds the connection between the two of you. You might have often heard people saying that even a look of their partners sometimes turns them on. Well it’s exactly the same trick. The intensity of your look does half the work for you and you can count on having a great kiss.


  • Right gestures are very important before starting. Holding his or her hand is very good for controlling the situation. You may also hold her waist (in case of a girl) or put your head on his shoulder (in case of a boy). This will drop the hints of you being interested and will give the other person time to mentally prepare themselves. It might not be good if you just start kissing like a savage and will end up in a bad experience.


  • Using mints before kissing can send a relaxing aura around you and the other person might relax. Mints have proven to send a calming effect on people while kissing. So take a mint before you are planning to kiss your girlfriend of boyfriend. You might want to avoid foods with a strong essence like onions and garlic because that will lead to an unpleasant experience for your partner and he or she may never feel like kissing you again.

A-kiss-is-a-lovely-trick-Happy-Kiss-Day 2019

  • Caressing and holding can work magic. The other person might not feel that you are just physically interested in him or her. Hold the other person’s face while kissing him or her. You can caress the chest of your boyfriend of play with the hair of your girlfriend while kissing. Holding a girl’s waist while kissing also makes the experience more intense. So don’t feel shy and show them that you are really interested.

  • Don’t make a rush and end up this beautiful experience into haste. Instead go with the flow. Look into each other’s eyes, hold his or her face. Don’t just start kissing. Give a little peck on the cheek, caress their face and then kiss near the ear lobe and then move on to kiss the lips. Deepen your kiss by holding each other passionately and make the kiss the best kiss of your life.

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