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Chocolate Day Messages 2019 SMS & Wishes | Chocolate Day 2019

Make this season as sweet as chocolate by telling your friend and loved ones how they have made your life sugary with their love and presence. We have some very special messages for chocolate day for you that you can send on this chocolate day, so enjoy:

Love is like chocolate, when consumed in limitation keeps you happy and lit.

But when taken an over dose can make you sad and unfit.

Happy Chocolate Day

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Sweet are chocolates and sweet are you,

Sweet are the things you do.

But sweetest is the friendship of two,

One is me and the other is you.

Happy Chocolate Day

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Life is like a box full of chocolates. Don’t dislike the crunchy ones, don’t fear the nutty ones, always cherish the soft ones because all of them are delicious. Happy chocolate day.


Anyone can be a crush to catch your eye. But the real art is capturing someone’s heart. You took away my breath from me; you are the real artist of my life and my special someone. Happy Chocolate day.

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Love may fade away with time and never have the sweet essence that it has in the beginning but friendship is like the chocolate that never loses its sweetness and ever fills your heart with its taste. Happy chocolate day.

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Imagine life without serenity,

Love without honesty,

Friendship without integrity and

Valentines’ week without the chocolaty essence in the season.

Happy chocolate day.

Happy Teddy Bear Day 2019

Take life like a chocolate. It may sometimes be filled with the light of hope and sometimes with the darkness of loathing. But like milk and dark chocolates we must cherish both as each holds a beautiful experience. Happy chocolate day.

Build-a-Bear-Teddybear-Day 2019

To the sweetest person on the earth, with the sweetest smile and the sweetest intentions, here’s wishing a very happy and sweet chocolate day.

Out of all the marvels of this earth you are the one that is most fascinating to me because you are the one who took away my heart with one look of your chocolate brown eyes. Happy chocolate day my love.

On this chocolate day I would like you to thank for all the sweet moments that we shared together because if not for you this friendship would have been incomplete. May the sweetness of our friendship ever remain like this. Happy chocolate day.

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