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Best Locations To Propose Someone – Propose Day 2019

Propose day is about to arrive and a lot of you must be fidgeting every night in your bed and ramming your brains for ideas to propose your dream girl for wedding. Well there can’t be a more appropriate season for asking her to marry you and turning the odds in your favour. Always remember a proposal is what makes your love story full of charm and attractive to hear when you get old. So, plan your proposal properly so that your grand children have an interesting story to listen.

  • The place where you first met is a very good option for proposing her because you certainly have a lot of memories connected to that place. Don’t worry if it is a school of a cafe because that is what will add to the charm. The best part is that being at that place will make her emotional and this is only going to work in your favour. So get some flowers and a ring and be ready to propose him or her this valentines’ day.

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  • Proposing her on the beach can also be a great idea. Beaches are romantic places and nevertheless enjoyable if you want to get attention and divert his or her from the usual boring life. It is also important to build the environment in such a way that your intentions are clear. The beach is perfect because it’s a typical movie scene with the winds blowing and the water swashing on the shore and if by luck there is moonlight then bingo because you are not going to find a better place to propose.


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  • Proposing on a boat in a lake can be the undoing of emotions in your beloved’s heart. The view and the surroundings all forcing him or her to say yes will make you even more irresistible. So get a beautiful ring for them and tell all there is in your heart. This will definitely turn out to be in your favour if you plan this right.

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  • Below the Eiffel tower is also a world class spot for proposing for marriage. The Eiffel Tower is after all the symbol of love and Paris makes you swoon with romance. It’s not bother if there are other love birds who are there to propose because it’s your proposal you should be worrying about. So grab this opportunity this valentines’ day to propose your beloved in the heart of Paris and lower the chances of being rejected.

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  • Another good place to propose is near a huge fountain. It is a romantic idea and you can make it even more appealing by planning properly. What you can do is talk to the authorities of the place where the fountain is located and ask them to start the fountain when you get down on one knee. That is going to be the best proposal and one that cannot be overlooked so your chances of approval are very good.

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  • Sunset on a mountain is also one of the best places to propose. You want it to be memorable then propose on the mountain sunshine that is beautiful as well as romantic at the same time. If you can find the combination of a river and a mountain then it is even better. The heavenly feeling makes your proposal even more alluring.

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  • Proposing inside the attic of a boathouse is also a good idea. You can decorate the boathouse with flowers and candles and put there a bottle of champagne and two glasses. Get him or her there and go down on one knee with your ring and say out the magical words to get their consent.

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